Hats on Post is a Specialty Hat Boutique for women: 

A “So Very San Francisco” shop  has been in existence for over 30 years. In 2008, the former owner, Sheryl Krajewski, "Passed the Hat" to Peg Purcell to continue this hat wearing tradition. This unique Hat Salon is tucked away on the Sixth Floor of the Shreve Jewelry Building – in San Francisco at Post & Grant – just across from such stores that earmark that corner:  Coach, DeBeers, Prada & Burberry's.  Or...if walking down from Union Square just past the Sak's Mens Store...

Hats On Post is a salon of sophistication providing an intimate setting that allows for privacy and freedom to try on hats and "experiment."  Having been a "Millinery Specialist" at Saks Fifth Avenue – I offer my knowledge of hats along with individualized service to make the experience enjoyable!  Hats have the wonderful ability to freshen up an outfit–or even make like new!  Or even "liven-up"  ones style and personality.  Hats can Transform!   — So for an evening Fascinator or a Functional fun hat — I invite you to visit Hats On Post!

Hats on Post is a Specialty Hat Salon for women